Huawei P40 &P40 pro price,specifications,features,launch date

Huawei has been all over the news recently, and while their involvement in the UK’s 5G network is still being finalised thankfully their next major phone release is more certain.

Here’s a round-up of the latest news for the Huawei P40 and P40 Pro, as a few details on the rumoured P40 Pro Premium.

Huawei P40 & P40 pro release date

Huawei CEO Richard Yu has confirmed that the P40 line will be announced at an event in Paris in March 2020. This lines up with the launch of the P30 series, which were unveiled on 26th March 2019.

Huawei P40 & P40 pro expected Specifications-

There is always secrecy surrounding major new tech launches, but a succession of leaks, rumours and news have given us a rough indication of what to expect from the P40 and P40 Pro. What we know little about however is the so-called P40 Pro Premium Edition, which other than a possible ceramic body and rumoured Penta-lens camera setup is still shrouded in mystery.


Little is known about the storage, but we expect the P40 line to at least repeat the 128GB of the P30 series, as well as the larger 512GB option for the P40 Pro.


The Huawei P40  will likely be getting the now-standard triple-lens setup on the rear, which would include a main camera, a telephoto and an ultrawide lens. However, the exact specifications vary, but rumours point towards a possible 64 MP main camera and a periscope 10x zoom on the telephoto camera. The P40 is also said to have two selfie cameras on the front, sporting 10MP and 8 MP lenses to bring the grand total of cameras up to five.

The P40 Pro, on the other hand, is widely thought to have four cameras on the back like the P30 Pro, so will also include a Time-of-Flight sensor for better depth detection. It is unknown however if it will have two selfie cameras on the front like the P40.

The P40 Pro Premium edition looks to be going for an incredible five cameras on the back, possibly chucking in a macro camera for good measure.


Unlike most 2020 smartphones, Huawei could be shunning the Snapdragon chipset in favour of their own Kirin processor, most likely the new top-of-the-line Kirin 990.

5G Capability

5G is basically a given for high-end smartphone releases this year and the P40 line looks to be no different, especially as Huawei will be involved in setting up the UK’s 5G network.

Screen size

Supposed leak photos of the P40 show a phone that is practically all-screen, with hardly any bezel visible at the top, bottom and sides of the screen. However the specific screen size still isn’t clear, but we’re likely looking at around 6.5 inches for the P40 and 6.7 inches for the P40 Pro, likely with a curved screen.


As the P30 Pro had wireless charging, we expect to see the feature return for the P40 Pro and possibly the base P40 too. Super-fast wired charging seems likely too – Huawei has reportedly been working on a new 50W charging system.

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